Golden Nugget is giving back to you! We have started a loyalty program to say, “Thank you.” to all of our customers. We are excited and you should be as well!
Our Gold Rewards program provides you with cash back on your purchases. For every $250 you spend in our stores, you get $15 back on your Gold Rewards card towards a future purchase (some exclusions apply). The points and cash you earn do not expire at this time.
Have one of our friendly staff members get you signed up today!

Additional Details
The following items are currently available for points only at a rate of 10% of the pre-tax price:
~ New Firearms ~ Firearm Transfers ~ Gold & Silver Bullion ~ Jewelry Repairs ~
~ Items priced entirely off of gold/silver market value (e.g. a gold rope bracelet, a silver figaro necklace) ~
-For example, a Gold Rope Bracelet bought for $100 (pre-tax) is eligible for 10% of that $100 in Rewards points. You would therefore earn 10 Rewards points for this purchase.

Any purchase that does not fall into the above categories will earn
1 (one) Point per 1 (one) Dollar spent (pre-tax), as is shown in these following examples:
-A Television bought for $250 (pre-tax) is eligible for 250 Rewards points.
-An Xbox One game bought for $7 (pre-tax) is eligible for 7 Rewards points.