How does a loan work?

We loan on just about anything of value. A pawn loan is considered a collateral loan. The most common items we do loans on is gold, silver, diamonds, jewelry, electronics, televisions, tools, vehicles, firearms and more. Loans are determined by the value of the items you bring in. When your pay back your loan your item is returned to you. All loans are for 60 days. We also offer extensions on your loan in most cases. The best thing about a pawn collateral loan is that is does not affect your credit in any way, even if you decide not to repay your loan.


What is an extension?

An extension is when you need longer than the initial 60 days you were given to pay back your loan. The amount you would need to pay for an extension is based upon the amount of your loan.


Can I have multiple loans at the same pawn shop at the same time?

Yes you can have multiple loans at the same time at any one of our locations.


What happens when I just want to sell my item and not pay back a loan?

Easy! Just come in and see one of our friendly staff members. We will determine the value of your item based upon current market values. Once we agree on a price, you simply sign off on some paperwork and your on your way.


Can I get a quote over the phone?

Unfortunately it is sometimes hard for us to give quotes over the phone . An item's value is based upon it's overall condition and the current market value.


Can I receive a loan on my vehicle(motorcycle, boat, rv, jet ski, trailer)?

Yes, we do loans on almost any type of vehicle. With all vehicles, proof of ownership is required. Some may require a title while some may only require a registration depending on what type of item you bring in. Just give us a call and we will let you know what is required before you come in.


Can I do a loan on my firearm?

Yes, we do loans on firearms. All firearms require a background check when you redeem your firearm. Your state issued id must be valid and not expired. Your id will also need to have your current residence on it.


What form of id do I need to do a loan?

Any valid(not expired) government issued photo id will work.


Do we do layaway?

Yes, we do layaway. Please see our layaway page for further details.


Loan discounts

Any loan picked up within the first 7 days is only 10% interest.
Any loan picked up within the first 15 days is only 15% interest.
Any loan picked up after the first 15 days normal loan rates apply.

Example – On a $100.00 loan 7 days - $110.00 to redeem
15 days - $115.00 to redeem
After 15 days - $125.00 to redeem